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Code of conduct


  1. Minimum 75% lecture attendance is compulsory for appearing in the ESE.

  2. A student who remains absent continuously for 7 days or more, his/her name will be struck off from college roll.

  3. A student’s name is struck-off twice then he/she will not be re-admitted to the college.

  4. A student is liable to pay all dues and fines as long as he/she remains on the college rolls.

Leave Rules

  1. Application for any kind of leave on prescribed proforma should be submitted well in time.

  2. Leave upto three days will be sanctioned by the tutor on the recommendation of concerned teacher.

  3. Leave above three days upto six days will be sanctioned by the senior tutor.

  4. The leave for more than six days will be sanctioned by the Principal on the recommendation of the concerned subject teacher/senior tutor.

  5. Medical leave for a period of over 6 days the student must produce medical certificate.

* Students participating in inter-college competitions should note that the practice/ rehearsal timing should be either before the classes (Early Morning) or after classes (Evening) because all such activities form a part, but not the substitute of Academics/ studies.

Library-cum-identity card (I- card)

  1. Every student will be issued an identity card. Every student must keep his/her I-card with him during college hours and the same has to be produced by student whenever required by the college authorities.

  2. In case, the I-card is lost, a duplicate card will be issued only after an FIR is registered with the nearest police station and an original copy thereof is appended with such request.

  3. Duplicate I-card will be issued after depositing ₹ 20/-.

Procedure for making identity card (I- card)

After depositing admission fee and dues every student gets issued an I-Card from college librarian on production of his/her fee receipt. After having affixed his/her own photograph and filled all entries in the I-card, every student must get it duly signed by principal within 10 days from his/her date of admission.

General conduct/discipline rules

Any of the following activities will be considered a breach of discipline:

  1. Graffities i.e. any sort of writing on the walls/ black-board/ rooms etc.

  2. Damaging the college property.

  3. Loitering about in the corridors thereby causing disturbance to the classes.

  4. Possessing drugs and smoking in the college campus.

  5. Accompanying outsider to the college.

  6. Coming without I-Card in the college.

  7. Ragging in any form.

  8. Use of mobile phones in the campus is strictly banned except in specified areas. Defaulters will be penalized.

Note: all students must note that ragging inside/outside the campus is a cognizable offence. In case, a student found guilty of indiscipline in any activity in any manner, the college administration shall take appropriate action against such offenders.